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Safe Haven Counseling Center

A Safe Place for Healing

Whether you are struggling with a particular issue or just cannot shake the feeling that there should be more to life, Safe Haven Counseling Center can help. We provide a caring environment to help you identify and explore those issues that may be preventing a more rewarding home life, career, or fulfilling relationship. Our goal is to provide you with the insights and the tools you need to enjoy the rewarding life you desire.



a. Purposes of clinical supervision

b. Theoretical frameworks and models of clinical supervision

c. Roles and relationships related to clinical supervision

d. Skills of clinical supervision

e. Opportunities for developing a personal style of clinical supervision

f. Assessment of supervisees’ developmental level and other relevant characteristics

g. Modalities of clinical supervision and the use of technology

h. Administrative procedures and responsibilities related to clinical supervision

i. Evaluation, remediation, and gatekeeping in clinical supervision

j. Legal and ethical issues and responsibilities in clinical supervision

k. Culturally relevant strategies for conducting clinical supervision

Artifact 1

This course is an online-based course, COUC 699, where the students' work is completed completely online and they are participating in group supervision through WebEx. I worked under the instruction of Dr. Nivischi Edwards.

Artifact 2

This course is an online-based course, COUC 699, where the students' work is completed completely online and they are participating in group supervision through WebEx. I worked under the instruction of Dr. Nivischi Edwards.

Artifact 3

I have had the opportunity to be a Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor in the state of Texas and supervise many interns working toward graduation requirements, as well as those working towards their state-required licensure requirements. 

Artifact 4

The graph below shows feedback I received from Dr. Edwards, her students (Fall and Spring semester) as well as some of the interns that I have had the opportunity to supervise as an LPC-S. Recording for one of our classes during the Fall 2019 course is also linked here.

Artifact 5

All potential interns, both undergraduates and those working toward their Texas Licensure requirements receive a Supervision Disclosure Statement. In this statement, the intern knows what he/she can expect to receive from me and from Safe Haven Counseling Center. 

Artifact 6

All potential interns, both undergraduates and those working toward their Texas Licensure requirements receive and sign a Supervision Contract prior to the beginning of supervision. This is in addition to any contract for the State or their University. This is for Safe Haven Counseling Center's Records.


a. Roles and responsibilities related to educating counselors

b. Pedagogy and teaching methods relevant to counselor education

c. Models of adult development and learning

d. Instructional and curriculum design, delivery, and evaluation methods relevant to counselor education

e. Effective approaches for online instruction

f. Screening, remediation, and gatekeeping functions relevant to teaching

g. Assessment of learning

h. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies used in counselor preparation the role of mentoring in counselor education

i. The role of mentoring in counselor education

Artifact 1

This course is an intensive based course, CEFS 512, where the students work online and then come to campus for a week-long intensive group setting. I worked under the instruction of Dr. Denise Daniel. 

Artifact 2

This course is an online-based course, COUC 501, where the students' work is completed completely online. They are completely responsible for verifying all work is turned in on time. I worked under the instruction of Dr. Denise Daniel. 

Artifact 3

The video is a representation of one of the classes I taught during an intensive week.  I've attached a link to the PowerPoint for the lessons for the week. 

Artifact 4

The graph below shows the feedback I received from Dr. Daniel and her students. 

Artifact 5

The lesson plan below is a description of just one of the three put together during the week of intensive that was taught with Dr. Daniel.  

Artifact 6

The Johari-Window is a tool used to help the students self-evaluate prior to entering into groups. 

Research and Scholarship

a. Research designs appropriate to quantitative and qualitative research questions

b. Univariate and multivariate research designs and data analysis methods

c. Qualitative designs and approaches to qualitative data analysis

d. Emergent research practices and processes

e. Models and methods of instrument design

f. Models and methods of program evaluation

g. Research questions appropriate for professional research and publication

h. Professional writing for journal and newsletter publication

i. Professional conference proposal preparation

j. Design and evaluation of research proposals for a human subjects/institutional review board review

k. Grant proposals and other sources of funding

l. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies for conducting research

Artifact 1

Below is a completed research project with my group to evaluate the effects of Hostile Sexism's Role in Narcissistic Tendencies to Rape

Artifact 2

Artifact 3

A qualitative study on Doctoral Students Persistance using Photovoice

Artifact 4

Ambiguous Loss and COVID-19 

Currently working with others to develop an article for publication. 

Artifact 5

Currently working with Dr. Reisman on a Human Trafficking Research project. 

Artifact 6

I submitted a grant on behalf of Safe Haven Refuge due to the number of brothels in the Houston area.


a. A scholarly examination of theories relevant to counseling

b. Integration of theories relevant to counseling

c. Conceptualization of clients from multiple theoretical perspectives

d. Evidence-based counseling practices

e. Methods for evaluating counseling effectiveness

f. Ethical and culturally relevant counseling in multiple settings

Artifact 1

A paper showcasing how I integrate my Christian worldview with my evidence-based counseling practices.

Artifact 2

A paper showcasing my theoretical model of counseling. 

Artifact 3

Interest is how the brain affects how we behave. For this reason, I have researched Neurocognitive studies. This led to a collaborative project with a classmate. Handout

Artifact 4

A fellow student and I presented together on a technique that can be used when counseling married couples. 

Leadership and Advocacy

a. Theories and skills of leadership

b. Leadership and leadership development in professional organizations

c. Leadership in counselor education programs

d. Knowledge of accreditation standards and processes

e. Leadership, management, and administration in counseling organizations and other institutions

f. Leadership roles and strategies for responding to crises and disasters

g. Strategies of leadership in consultation

h. Current topical and political issues in counseling and how those issues affect the daily work of counselors and the counseling profession

i. Role of counselors and counselor educators advocating on behalf of the profession and professional identity

j. Models and competencies for advocating for clients at the individual, system, and policy levels

k. Strategies of leadership in relation to current multicultural and social justice issues

l. Ethical and culturally relevant leadership and advocacy practices

Artifact 1

Social Justice Action Plan

Artifact 2

Personal Philosophy of Leadership

Artifact 3

Owner/LPC-S of Safe Haven Counseling Center

Artifact 4

Founder of Safe Haven Refuge and now advocator for Human Trafficking, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse victims.

Artifact 5

Obtaining a certification from AASAT so that I can advocate and assist more of our clients in the Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties, instead of them having to drive the hour plus drive into Houston for assistance. 

Artifact 6

Knowing that Houston has more Brothels than it does Starbucks, my goal is to advocate by assisting Safe Haven Refuge in speaking, counseling and educating others. 

Artifact 7

I had the opportunity to participate in the Social Justice Curriculum Taskforce Committee development subcommittee. 

Professional Organization Memberships


Texas Counseling Association

2019 - Current


American Association of Christian Counselors

2013 - Current


American Counseling Association

2017 - Current


Chi Sigma Iota

to be inducted Spring 2019


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

2014 - Current

Conference Attendances

AACC Conference Fall 2017

Attended the World Conference in Nashville, Tn for the first time for AACC. This conference was chosen because the theme of Safe Haven Counseling Center is "Break Every Chain" and that is also the conference theme. It was a great conference and I hope to attend it again in the future. 

2020 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit

Attending a 10-day online summit out of Washington, DC to learn more about sexual exploitation and how to end in order to help the non-profit I partner with, better advocate for those within our community who cannot advocate for themselves.  

SACES 2020

Depending on COVID-19, I will be attending the SACES conference. I also have been invited by Dr. Susan Adams to join her in presenting. Below is the proposal she has submitted. 


64th Annual Professional Growth Conference

The goal is to attend this conference assuming the COVID-19 virus self-isolation restrictions have been lifted.

Electronic Course Management & Computer Tech Skills

Artifact 1

Certification from AASAT

Artifact 2

Online Summit to learn more about how to help end Sexual Exploitation

Artifact 3

Built my website and this portfolio with links for clients to book their own appointments, as well as, directly contact me via email.

Artifact 4

As part of a leadership program, I was asked at the conclusion to develop a promo video that could be shared with a church or organization for Safe Haven Refuge.

Artifact 5

In Leadership and Advocacy, we developed a needed training, I attached "voice-overs" for each of our parts. 

Artifact 6

During COUC 745 Statistics, our group was learning SPSS. While my computer would not compile the final computations, I was able to walk my group through the SPSS process so that they were able to compute for us to complete our project since they were having issues understanding the computer steps. 

Article Submitted for Peer-Reviewed Journal

Ambiguous Loss and COVID-19

Working on a collaborative project with several professors from Liberty University and other Ph.D. students. We are in the working stage. 

Human Trafficking Project

Working with Dr. Reisman and others on gathering research regarding marketing trends and how this has affected human trafficking issues today. We are in the working stage. 

Presentation at Conference

SACES 2020

Dr. Susan Adams has offered me the opportunity to join her and another professor in presenting on the topic of Ambiguous Loss. We are waiting to hear from the conference. 

Safe Haven Refuge Banquet

Presented on Human Trafficking and Mental Health February 9, 2018

Research/Scholarship Involvement

Artifact 1

A possible topic to research further...

Artifact 2

Obtaining my certification from AASAT when I discovered that the closest Certified Sex Therapist near Brazoria county was in the Houston downtown area, for some of my clients, almost an hour to an hour and a half away. 

Assist in Faculty Teaching

COUC 501

Co-teaching Ethics with Dr. Daniel

COUC 512

Co-teaching Group Counseling with Dr. Daniel

COUC 699

Co-teaching Intern I and II students with Dr. Edwards

COUC 699

Co-teaching Intern I students with Dr. Edwards

Professional Licensure

Texas LPC-S

I received my Licensed with the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors January of 2013. A few years later, I went through training and obtained my supervision licensure. 

Texas LCDC-I

After working at a managed care facility, I was encouraged to seek my LCDC, therefore I am waiting to take my exam and am currently an LCDC-I


I received my Licensed with the National Board of Certified Counselors in May of 2014. 

Virginia LPC

After working some time in Texas, I decided that I wanted to obtain my license in other states. As a graduate of Liberty University, I began with the state of Virginia. In August of 2018, I was licensed as an LPC in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Louisiana LPC

I received my Licensed with the state of Louisiana on July 10, 2020 

Florida LPC

 I am in the process of working towards my Florida LPC.